guest post: la baie de sirènes

22 Nov

La Baie des Sirènes

Hidden 235 miles southeast of Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, near a small town called Grand Bereby, is La Baie de Sirènes (Mermaid Bay). The beautiful beach is tucked away, without a single sign pointing to its existence. Once operated by an elderly Dutchman during a more affluent period, the resort is now owned by the government, and impeccably maintained by a tiny staff. Approaching its high wall and opposing gate, a sign will inform you that the beach is closed to the public. But ask the guard if you might be able to have a peek inside, and he will tell you it’s alright, but that he wouldn’t mind a little something. Soon after giving him a tip and entering, you will find the most beautiful beach you have ever seen in your life. Likely you will spot a few wooden fishing boats, colorful flags flying, on the horizon. Your next impulse will be to get into your swimsuit, and it this point you will likely see the caretaker coming out to meet you. A few friendly words and he will break out the beach chairs, grateful for the company and the work. This man’s contact information is the key to the perfect vacation. The government allows the staff to fill ten rooms a night, but the resort does not advertise.

No one should visit West Africa without making a trip to this beautiful little corner of the world.

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