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the pink door

6 Dec

Seattle has so many cute restaurants and so much good food (sometimes even in the same place!) that sometimes the classics get lost. Revisiting the Pink Door this weekend I was reminded that repeats (and threepeats?) are good between the tests of new places. Everything about it, from the actually pink lit door to the creatively named desserts (try the Bongo Bongo) is fun and quietly classy.

The warm lighting makes the food, and your date, look delicious.

A view of the water will always get me. sitting outside in the summer is fantastic.


friday night lights

1 Dec

So, this post is kind of incongruous but I’ve been listening to this mixtape basically on repeat since it came out so why not share the enthusiasm?

I waited so anxiously for this to come out that I was afraid it would be anticlimactic. Definitely not the case. This is one to relax to. My favorites: “In The Morning” “Home For The Holidays” and “Loves Me Not”

“Best Friend” gets an honorable mention, mostly for the beat and Aaliyah’s smooth vocals.