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28 Jan

It’s a debate. Classy or trashy?

You know if you have the body for jeggings or not. ¬†Do not lie to yourself. Stay away from light colors and “distressed” jeggings, both of which will make you look bigger than you really are. Pockets that are small or far apart make your butt look bigger (use this fact to your advantage, whether you downplay or accentuate).


Onyx Vans Leggin‘, Vans

Kenna Ashby, Allsaints


(no seriously never ever)



ann demeulemeester high tops

24 Jan

I love these and I want to wear them with some high waisted light wash denim shorts and the asymmetrical jersey button-up I just got. The white ones are my favorite.




happy sunday

23 Jan

Everyone has a person who they worry about on weekend nights, and since I just got the “I’m alive” text I’m ready to go in on another breakdown. This outfit looks simple, just two or three pieces but It’s really all about the accessories, which I love.

Old photo from the Sartorialist:

My Take:

One-Sleeve Striped Power Dress, BCBG

Puffed Three Quarter Sleeve Blazer, Doki Geki

Peep-Toe Wedge Bootie, BCBGeneration

And now for the fun part…

‘Charlton’ Crossbody Bag, MICHAEL, by Michael Kors

‘Ancient Scroll’ Crystal and Bronze Bracelet, Barse

‘black-eyed susan’ flower ring, kate spade new york

Crystal and Rose Studs, Betsey Johnson

As with the other outfit breakdowns, these are suggestions and by no means do all of these elements have to be included all of the time. Personally I would hem that last red stripe off the BCBG dress, I like the more classic clean sailor stripe look. If you don’t feel like you have the legs to pull of those booties (read: if you have thick legs) go for some strappy wedges and get the same effect. I updated the jacket a little bit because it’s all about the slight puff instead of padded shoulders. I don’t usually like metallic leather but the crossbody bag is small enough to get just the perfect dose of flashy with otherwise subdued colors in the outfit.

I like the idea of two statement pieces of jewelry and smaller earrings and maybe just a simple gold necklace, one of your everyday pieces; if instead you want to skip everything else but pile on the bracelets that would be good too. As a practice i have sets of bangles in silver, gold, and a bronze or rose color so I can add them to big cuffs like the one I chose for this outfit.


I want to add another feature to this blog, a kind of reader style piece. Send me a picture of your outfit (on you or laid out, doesn’t matter), something new you don’t know how to wear or something old you want to update and I’ll offer suggestions, glowing praise and or ideas for complement pieces.


cement 3s

22 Jan

I roused myself this morning (is it even morning anymore?) solely for these shoes and this post. After this it’s back in bed.

The release today of the retro Cement Gray Air Jordan 3s is exciting, check the twitter buzz. These shoes were re-released in 1994 and also in 2003, the cement gray has been the best color in my opinion. These shoes are too clean and I love re-releases as much as I like new furniture that looks vintage (even though this might as well be a new release because I wasn’t alive in 1988). I can’t say anything that would be more impressive than these pictures:

These are definitely hot. Get them from where you’re sitting at nicekicks or Flight Club.

draught dry goods

21 Jan

I want to order this strap for the Canon A35F I just got repaired:

All the items on the Draught Dry Goods site are handmade as they are ordered. Expensive but they are completely custom and this strap can have anything you want stamped in the leather.

My camera that I love dearly:

better together

20 Jan

I got some raves about my deconstruction post (shoutout to the younger Haile sister), so I think I will make it a feature.

There are few things I like better than fitted couples. I’m not saying you have to match (although I’m a fan of Kanye and Amber Rose matching their Jordans) but when I can tell that you got dressed together with the other person in mind it makes my heart melt a little.

The Inspiration (photo also from the Sartorialist):

My take, head to toe:

Estelle Henley, Ella Moss

Cobblestone Jacquard Miniskirt, Leifsdottir

Faux Leather Belt, Lauren by Ralph Lauren

‘Bianca’ Wedge Sandal, Miss Sixty

Your guy:

Classic-Fit Striped Oxford, Polo by Ralph Lauren

Rumbled Chino, Allsaints

A.J.S. II, Pointer

Or if he’s more the sneaker type:

Zoom Stefan Janoski, Nike SB

If the jacquard is too much for a summer day it could be switched for something linen easily and look just as good. I also think a chunky cuff bracelet would go perfectly with this outfit. The Polo button down is not super exciting but you just have to do it. If there isn’t on in the closet already there should be. The guy’s shoes are more general, suede was just the idea. I like the thought of the green sneakers though because it doesn’t really match the green striped shirt just goes well (matching is not the business). The number of things you could wear those with would be limited though. I would also add some wayfarers just for good measure, I don’t care what anyone says about them they always work. Oh and note the watch in the photo! Never underestimate a good watch.


19 Jan

I used to be a huge Pottery Barn person. On a recent trip to Crate & Barrel my mind was changed, possibly forever. I hadn’t been inside one for a long time and I was won over possibly based just on the glassware. Pottery Barn glassware is boring and I don’t think it has changed as long as I’ve been alive (or ever for that matter).

A few of my favorites:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Completely unrelated I want one of these because whenever I melt chocolate it’s a battle against that disgusting grainy texture: