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12 Feb

This is my mom’s favorite perfume and mine too, it’s a Chanel exclusive now though so you can only order it from Chanel directly. Our bottle is running out and this might be the next big buy. Honestly one of the most elegant fragrances ever.

Luxury in a bottle



7 Feb

This friday video release made my weekend a little sweeter. This bittersweet video adds a little something to the angry ex-girlfriend song off the most recent Brothers From Another EP, Two Weeks Vacation. It was even more fun to shoot than it is to watch, my girl and I had fun playing abusive girlfriends in our video debut. Most of the PG-13 violence was edited out; that’s not the message they want to send apparently.

comfy chic

6 Feb

My blog productivity has been low partially because I’m a slacker and partially because I decided I need to refocus my life. Not a lot of refocusing went on but I did talk about it in great detail.

The Inspiration:

What a beautiful woman.

For a normal person:

Fleece Sweatshirt Dress, James Perse

Tilden Wedge Ruched Ankle Boot, Dolce Vita

Bold Hinged Cuff, Tarnish

I’ll give you a second to stop drooling over Amber Rose…

There is something about heels and a sweatshirt that fascinates me. I think it’s the normal person meets model that I’m always striving for with these looks, but whatever it is, it floats my boat. These shoes are just another reason I think the minds behind Dolce Vita deserve an award.