raw denim

1 Mar

I hate to love selvedge (sometimes called raw or dry) denim. People are so snobby about it but I love the completely pure color when it’s brand new and how it fades to your body shape and not generic “this is where knees are” places. That being said raw denim needs to be kept in rotation, and the faded jeans shouldn’t be dressed up like they were when you first got them. The dye will ruin suede shoes, and white shirts… just be careful about what it touches. The difference between raw denim and the rest is the way it’s woven and dyed. Raw denim is woven continuously on a loom, so each piece has the signature white edges you can see on the picture below. It is also typically not washed before sale, so it is saturated with dye. This is changing though as raw denim is becoming more mainstream, you can get washed and distressed selvedge denim from somewhere like J. Crew. Don’t be fooled by just dark or vintage washes, if it’s raw denim you’ll know.

It is easier to find raw denim for men, and sometimes you just have to settle for the darkest jeans you can find and know that they’ve been washed. The classic brands like Evisu offer women’s styles now though, and they’re hot.

A couple cute styles:

The EJ, Baldwin Denim (Guys should check out Baldwin too though)

Ashiya Slim Straight Fit Jeans, Evisu

All I have to say is if you do it, do it right.


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