guest post: breakin’ the rules. (kinda)

1 Apr

I am supposed to be posting about destinations and architecture and stuff like that, but I guess this does have something to do with destinations. I’m in love withe planar surfaces that are embossed and/or cut out. That is why I couldn’t stay away from the laser (thanks, spellcheck, I really thought there was a Z)  cutter in architecture school and the reason I have an obsession with wood screens. I saw this artist featured on Modcloth‘s blog today. This Sudlow person sells on Etsy, which is one of my goals in life. I’m not really making any concrete plans to achieve it, but I’m ok with that. Anyway, about the stuff. She makes custom jewelry. Maps, nature, sayings and symbols show up in interesting and personal ways in her pieces. Some of my favorites:

Long Distance Love Necklace:

Golden Cicada Line Earrings:

Seahorse Love Necklace:

Oyster Stud Earrings:

Hmm… didn’t notice this at first, but they all involve a pair of some sort. Alright… now I am gonna sit back and wait to see if I get fired and/or get asked to delete this.


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