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sway & cake

18 May

Quite possibly my favorite boutique in Seattle, definitely top three. It’s tucked right into the corner of the large medical/dental building on the corner of 6th and Olive. It is a place where up and coming (and some established) designers are well showcased and it is always fresh.

Here is a sample outfit:

Safari Blouse, Karina Grimaldi

Edie Shorts, MYNE by ashley ann

Turquoise Double Knuckle Ring, Soixante Neuf

Alex Fringe Clutch, Linea Pelle

This outfit would be all silk and high quality leather, something I’m focusing on in my wardrobe these days. Wearing well made things out of high quality material just makes me feel great, and clothes will stay looking good longer if they’re well made. I loved the soft airy pieces that were all over the store, including the formal dress I bought last time I went in. On another note Linea Pelle is my favorite handbag designer right now, more on her to come.


nude heels

17 May

Someone just asked me how I feel about nude heels and I was inspired to write about my favorite topic: shoes.

I think nude heels are a great look for dressing up this summer, they will go great with a good tan. Any texture will do but I’m a fan of suede and treated soft leather. I would be careful with patent, the shoe should have some other really redeeming qualities if it’s all patent. Platforms are great, ultra-high heels are a personal favorite. Avoid the mid-range though and go for flat sandals.

Some shoes I love:

Dolce Vita ‘Vivo’ Slingback Pump

DV by Dolce Vita ‘Briar’ Pump

Steve Madden ‘Bevv’ Pump

I’ll be wearing the Steve Madden pumps with a bright blue silk dress to my next formal event (there might be photos to come, I haven’t decided yet). All in all I say go nude!