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monkey print 1-piece fleece pj’s

30 Nov

Footie pajamas will never stop being cute. I love the feet on these and got some for my niece and another pair with kittens.


little feet and christmas trees

22 Nov

Christmas and baby socks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Every year in my family everyone gets new socks and it would be perfect to have these socks start the tradition for a new member of the family.


sleep sacks!

18 Nov

Whoever thought of these is a genius. Changing newborns after at least every feeding is a chore, sleep sacks make it so much more convenient! Baby stays dressed while you change and the drama is decreased significantly. I bought four of these for my niece when she was born and she wore them for months since there is plenty of room.

These are from The Land of Nod:

can’t have one without the other…

17 Nov

these newborn onesies are enough to make you want to have twins (and they make it easier for people to tell them apart):