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bright red

17 Jun

I have fallen back in love with bright red. We went through a rough patch after bad dressing room lighting and my winter paleness collided one winter day a couple years ago. After that I didn’t give red a good chance. Until this spring!

Spotted this delicious romper with the guy at Stüssy yesterday:

Nava Jumpsuit, $53

Strapless Satin Blouson Dress, BCBGeneration $118

IL Venlo Long skirt (Poppy), Sunahara $168

The romper looks much brighter in person, like the other two pieces really. I think it might be the first Seattle streetwear on my blog, which is weird because I’ve been eyeing this romper and the swimsuit in the same pattern for a little while now. Feeling the romper in person made up my mind I’ll definitely be getting it.

I’m all about maxi dresses and skirts right now, I have a dress that is in the same genre as the last skirt and just love it.


sway & cake

18 May

Quite possibly my favorite boutique in Seattle, definitely top three. It’s tucked right into the corner of the large medical/dental building on the corner of 6th and Olive. It is a place where up and coming (and some established) designers are well showcased and it is always fresh.

Here is a sample outfit:

Safari Blouse, Karina Grimaldi

Edie Shorts, MYNE by ashley ann

Turquoise Double Knuckle Ring, Soixante Neuf

Alex Fringe Clutch, Linea Pelle

This outfit would be all silk and high quality leather, something I’m focusing on in my wardrobe these days. Wearing well made things out of high quality material just makes me feel great, and clothes will stay looking good longer if they’re well made. I loved the soft airy pieces that were all over the store, including the formal dress I bought last time I went in. On another note Linea Pelle is my favorite handbag designer right now, more on her to come.

guest post: grey chambray cordones

10 Apr

Knowing the blog’s author, she would want these shoes posted. Tom’s grey chambray cordones. I definitely see the appeal, but I can’t wax poetic about them like she would. Don’t worry. She’ll be back.

guest post: custom kicks

5 Apr

Louie Gong customizes sneakers (primarily chucks and vans) with Coast Salish Art. Northwest Coast style for the feet.

Louie G’s gallery on Facebook:

See Louie G’s gallery of customs on Facebook

Louie G on his work:


Also, I love the back zipper on these vans by Hush Fabrications:

HF10-001 Sk8-Hi – Drop $450 on some vans

guest post: breakin’ the rules. (kinda)

1 Apr

I am supposed to be posting about destinations and architecture and stuff like that, but I guess this does have something to do with destinations. I’m in love withe planar surfaces that are embossed and/or cut out. That is why I couldn’t stay away from the laser (thanks, spellcheck, I really thought there was a Z)  cutter in architecture school and the reason I have an obsession with wood screens. I saw this artist featured on Modcloth‘s blog today. This Sudlow person sells on Etsy, which is one of my goals in life. I’m not really making any concrete plans to achieve it, but I’m ok with that. Anyway, about the stuff. She makes custom jewelry. Maps, nature, sayings and symbols show up in interesting and personal ways in her pieces. Some of my favorites:

Long Distance Love Necklace:

Golden Cicada Line Earrings:

Seahorse Love Necklace:

Oyster Stud Earrings:

Hmm… didn’t notice this at first, but they all involve a pair of some sort. Alright… now I am gonna sit back and wait to see if I get fired and/or get asked to delete this.

a few summer must-haves

8 Mar

I’m giving up the internet that’s not work related for lent (I’m not catholic I just think it’s good to exercise self control sometimes) so here is one big post before I go. I will need some divine help to make it through 46 days without the internet.

Women’s Classic Grosgain in Petal, Tom’s

3″ Chino in Light Sage, J. Crew

Everything Nice Lace Dress, Free People

The Railway Rucksack, Madewell

Rhinestone Headband, Anthropologie

I have the chinos in three colors, they are well made and can be worn with anything, definitely a great investment. Although I like the soft pink Tom’s I might pair the pale shorts with some very red shoes for summer. The backpack should be paired with something eyelet or lace, to avoid looking like you’re actually camping.

I will have some guest bloggers while I’m on hiatus so don’t abandon these style ramblings!

raw denim

1 Mar

I hate to love selvedge (sometimes called raw or dry) denim. People are so snobby about it but I love the completely pure color when it’s brand new and how it fades to your body shape and not generic “this is where knees are” places. That being said raw denim needs to be kept in rotation, and the faded jeans shouldn’t be dressed up like they were when you first got them. The dye will ruin suede shoes, and white shirts… just be careful about what it touches. The difference between raw denim and the rest is the way it’s woven and dyed. Raw denim is woven continuously on a loom, so each piece has the signature white edges you can see on the picture below. It is also typically not washed before sale, so it is saturated with dye. This is changing though as raw denim is becoming more mainstream, you can get washed and distressed selvedge denim from somewhere like J. Crew. Don’t be fooled by just dark or vintage washes, if it’s raw denim you’ll know.

It is easier to find raw denim for men, and sometimes you just have to settle for the darkest jeans you can find and know that they’ve been washed. The classic brands like Evisu offer women’s styles now though, and they’re hot.

A couple cute styles:

The EJ, Baldwin Denim (Guys should check out Baldwin too though)

Ashiya Slim Straight Fit Jeans, Evisu

All I have to say is if you do it, do it right.