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19 Jan

I used to be a huge Pottery Barn person. On a recent trip to Crate & Barrel my mind was changed, possibly forever. I hadn’t been inside one for a long time and I was won over possibly based just on the glassware. Pottery Barn glassware is boring and I don’t think it has changed as long as I’ve been alive (or ever for that matter).

A few of my favorites:

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Completely unrelated I want one of these because whenever I melt chocolate it’s a battle against that disgusting grainy texture:


door knobs

17 Nov

Little touches like unique hardware can make a room. Crystal or ceramic knobs, antique or just retro, are some of my favorite things to dress up old wood. Because antiques shopping is so hit or miss I’m a fan of things that look old but really aren’t.

Some new old looking knobs from anthropologie:

The line of hardware is inexpensive, $6-14

mason jars

16 Nov

I think it’s appropriate that my first post be about something that fits into more than one category. Mason jars are one of the more versatile table pieces in interior and wedding design. A household object that can be altered to brighten any table, they fit in a rustic log cabin and on a wedding tablescape.

They can be dressed to match any color schemes with ribbon, gauze, objects inside, candles or painted inside or out.

I love the huckleberry finn feel to these mismatched jars, this is great summery outdoor decoration

Old wedding photos in the tablescape at a cute and laid back wedding make the decorations personal:

The easiest way to match jars to your color scheme is to paint them yourself!