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6 Mar

The color I’m looking forward to this summer!

Some things I’ve been eying:

The rare three speed beach cruiser. In love. Firmstrong Bella

Kon tiki, Noodles

Tiernan Dress Printed, Lily Pulitzer

24K Ve Turquoise Skinny Braid Bracelet, TAI

Organic Shape Ring (Blue Druzy)

“Dolphin” glassybaby

Samplings from different elements of style with one of my favorite colors. Glassbaby needs it’s own post, something delicious and Seattle.


draught dry goods

21 Jan

I want to order this strap for the Canon A35F I just got repaired:

All the items on the Draught Dry Goods site are handmade as they are ordered. Expensive but they are completely custom and this strap can have anything you want stamped in the leather.

My camera that I love dearly:


16 Nov

I recently had a completely illogical urge to get married in Vegas… led me to some interesting finds on the internet.

the classiest of rings:

Elvis did it… why can’t I? (Jk that’s terrible logic… the man died at 42 from the results of his drug abuse.)