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7 Feb

This friday video release made my weekend a little sweeter. This bittersweet video adds a little something to the angry ex-girlfriend song off the most recent Brothers From Another EP, Two Weeks Vacation. It was even more fun to shoot than it is to watch, my girl and I had fun playing abusive girlfriends in our video debut. Most of the PG-13 violence was edited out; that’s not the message they want to send apparently.


two weeks vacation

5 Jan

I think It’s clear from my word counts that I’m all about Seattle. I love the city the people and things it produces, especially the music. The latest from Brothers From Another, a young hip hop duo that has a special place in my heart; the Two Weeks Vacation EP is one of those essentially Seattle things. Released on Christmas it was much anticipated and quick to get recognition from the Seattle music and blog scene. Download it for free here:

What I have to say about BFA: they’re fun, they love what they do, and I think it’s safe to say they’re going somewhere. Check it out.

friday night lights

1 Dec

So, this post is kind of incongruous but I’ve been listening to this mixtape basically on repeat since it came out so why not share the enthusiasm?

I waited so anxiously for this to come out that I was afraid it would be anticlimactic. Definitely not the case. This is one to relax to. My favorites: “In The Morning” “Home For The Holidays” and “Loves Me Not”

“Best Friend” gets an honorable mention, mostly for the beat and Aaliyah’s smooth vocals.